Herbs For Your Lungs

Your lungs are working nonstop to supply your body with all the oxygen it requires for proper operation. For you to survive, your respiratory system is essential. Unfortunately, the respiratory system is susceptible to wear and tear much like all the other systems in our body, more so because there are so many poisons and pollutants in the air.

Seasonal changes also have an impact on lung health. According to Ayurveda, when too much Vata (space + air) builds up in the lungs, we experience breathing difficulties, dry coughs, asthma, hoarseness, and even lung allergies. Your lung health may be out of balance if you are going through any of these.

A disturbed dosha can be brought back into harmony with Ayurvedic food, lifestyle, and herbal mixtures. Let’s explore some timeless proverbs from the past to protect the health of our lungs.


The Ayurveda word for immunity is bala, which means strength. Ama and Ojas are the two main factors that have the biggest effects on Bala. Ama, a sticky byproduct of incomplete digestion, reduces immune levels in the body. It blocks the pathways that supply nutrients to the cells and remove waste when it spreads throughout the body. Ama’s opposite is Ojas. It is the end result of ideal digestion and improves physical and mental wellness. 


Incorrect diet The digestive system will be hampered by consuming foods that are difficult to digest or heavy, fatty, cold, or by eating leftovers the following morning.

Contaminated air Smoke, soot, pollen, and other noxious airborne particles irritate the lungs when they enter thereby inhaling.

Seasonal Variations – Because of the variations in temperature and climate, our bodies respond to each season differently. We are more susceptible to respiratory issues at times of year like early spring and autumn.

Exercise – The lungs are harmed by both inactivity and highly vigorous exercise. Lifting weights that are too heavy for you put a strain on your lungs, yet staying inactive lowers your lungs’ ability to take in oxygen.

An excess of stress or grief can also have an impact on the lungs.


The appropriate diet is essential to the health and development of the lungs. Ayurveda advises including herbs in your diet to support your body’s natural healing processes.

Cardamon: Use this flavorful, energizing, and invigorating herb in your diet to help your lungs and digestive system function better.

Eucalyptus: Packed with antioxidants, this herb not only improves lung immunity but also calms irritable sinus passages and alleviates lung congestion.

Licorice: This calming herb works particularly well for dry coughs. The mucus membranes of the stomach, lungs, and throat are softer as a result.

Pippali is a potent lung rejuvenator that also helps to remove pollutants and treats asthmatic disorders. Holy basil: This revered herb has cooling properties and is a lung toxin remover. If you are looking for Ayurvedic medicine or Unani Medicine for Lungs, come to Hakimi Shifakhana’s Clinic.

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